Why should I bring my pets own food

We prefer you bring your own food because that is what your pet is accustomed to. When you change their food all at once, it may be ruff on your pets digestive system, or they may not eat as well as they do on their own food. You also have to remember that once your pet gets home you are changing their food again when you go back and feed their normal diet, so that is two changes to their digestive system.

What can I bring for my pet to make them feel more at home

We love for you to bring anything that makes their stay away from home easier. Feel free to bring a blanket, towel, rug, or something with their and your smell on it. Some people even bring an item of clothing. You can bring up to 3 toys, we just try to stay away from rope toys and tennis size balls or smaller. Also, bedding with stuffing is something we try to stay away from because sometimes they may chew on it and we don’t want them to ingest any of the stuffing. Exemptions are sometimes made if the pet is older.

Can I call and check on how my dog is doing

Absolutely, feel free to call anytime between 8:00 am till 8:00 pm, we will give you all the updates you may need to ease your mind. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable enough leaving your loved one here that you can actually enjoy your time away from home.

Can I bring rawhides/pigs ears and treats for my dog

As long as your pet has no problem digesting rawhides and pigs ears, we have no problems with you bringing them. Treats are always welcome, we do have a supply of treats here, but if you have special ones your pet loves, feel free to spoil them as much as you like.

Can I look at kennel before making reservations

Yes, we actually encourage you to come out and visit us before bringing your dog in. We want you to meet us and feel comfortable with us and our facility. We will take as much time as you may need and answer any questions you may have. Honestly, it’s usually much harder on the owners than the pets, we understand that and our goal is to set your mind at ease with your decision to let us care of your furry member of your family

Why do you charge per day not per night

Our prices are lower than most kennels that charge per night, after your pet has been here for 3 days it’s actually less expensive how we charge than the places that charge per night.

If I have more than one dog, can they stay together

Yes, they can stay together. Our suites are some of the largest areas you will find around. In our opinion, your pets will do much better with each other than without. They are already going to be apart from you, we don’t want them to be apart from each other also. We give a discount when you board your 2 dogs together also. Certain criteria must be met in order to get the discount. Such as, they both have to eat the same food, not fight over their food and we do not have to separate them for their feeding.

Why are your hours like they are

Our style of kennel is unique in the fact it is set up as much like your home atmosphere as possible. They have their own individual suites in a climate controlled building and we let them outside by themselves 4 times a day into a large back yard sized area for their potty breaks and exercise. Our way of taken care of your pet is very time consuming and we don’t think its fair for them to have to wait for their outside times when we are checking in and out other pets. So all dogs are taken care of before and after our office hours, that way we can give you our undivided attention and they are all content not waiting on us.

How do I make a reservation

Just call us to make your reservations, we will get all the information we need, answer any questions you may have and do what we can to make you feel comfortable trusting us with your pet.